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What You Need To Know About Dodge Ram Lift Kits

KORE INC.  UNLIMITED SERIES - DODGE RAM LIFT KITMany off-roaders are keeping their Dodge Ram trucks high and dry with Dodge Ram lift kits. The best Dodge Ram lift kits on the market will give you additional ground clearance as well as fender clearance for installing large wheels and tires, but traditional Dodge Ram lift kits have many limitations.

While Dodge Ram lift kits might seem like the right thing to do for installing larger tires, they are definitely not the best suspension solution if you're looking for great driving performance, both on and off the road.

There are several factors involved in selecting any kind of suspension system for your truck, but most of the factors that the companies selling Dodge Ram lift kits will bring to your attention are almost inconsequential.

The preeminent question that those selling Dodge Ram lift kits will ask is how high you want to raise your truck. Most Dodge Ram lift kits will provide around six inches of additional clearance. But here is where you have to step back and think about the real function of Dodge Ram lift kits. Look at any Baja race vehicle. Do they sit as high off the ground as you see with traditional Dodge Ram lift kits? No, they don’t. And that’s for a reason.

Dodge Ram Lift Kits - Not About Performance

KORE doesn't believe in the philosophy behind Dodge Ram lift kits. Most Dodge Ram lift kits are cosmetic - an inexpensive way by which people enhance the looks of their vehicles. KORE Dodge Ram suspension is performance. Instead of many inches of lift with traditional Dodge Ram lift kits, KORE prefers to think in terms of inches of total articulation – how far the axles are allowed to move up and down while managing the terrain. And this is not just a question of terminology; it's a question of function.

Dodge Ram Lift Kits - A Violation of Engineering Design

Many Dodge Ram lift kits violate design parameters engineered into the Dodge Ram by teams of men and women with PhD’s in physics and mechanical engineering. The people at the vehicle's manufacturer generally know what they’re doing and they don't put lift kits on a stock truck. A universal joint can only move within a very specific range before it binds or wears prematurely. Wheel caster and camber are preset at the factory to give the vehicle good handling characteristics. For the most part, cosmetic Dodge Ram lift kits do not increase wheel travel – and sometimes they even reduce it. Cosmetic Dodge Ram lift kits raise the vehicle’s center of gravity which adversely affects handling – especially at the high speeds that KORE Dodge Ram suspension permits.

KORE Dodge Ram Suspension - Superior to Dodge Ram Lift Kits

No Dodge Lift Kit Here - This is REAL Dodge RAM SuspensionKORE Dodge Ram suspension systems offer an experience far superior to traditional Dodge Ram lift kits. KORE Dodge Ram suspension systems generally raise the truck 2.0 – 3.5 inches in the front – and about an inch or two the rear. The KORE Dodge Ram suspension system removes spring sag, providing the suspension more available up travel with which to absorb initial impacts.

You will notice that on your stock truck, the space between the axle and the bump stop is only a couple of inches. The springs included with KORE Dodge Ram suspension systems roughly double that space, thereby doubling your available up travel.

Your truck will also lose that “stink bug” look and have an aggressive, level stance. In the rear, KORE's optional mini-paks replace your overload leaf(s) providing a progressive, controlled spring rate that the factory Dodge Ram suspension can't provide. KORE mini-paks provide up to 50% more effective wheel travel and, depending on the configuration, do not significantly change the vehicle height or GVWR.

You might ask that if the engineers at big manufacturers are so smart, why didn’t they design their trucks with KORE Dodge Ram suspension?

The answer to this question is that the average consumer doesn’t even know that suspension like this exists, so why would he or she want to own it? That's why companies selling Dodge Ram lift kits can convince unwary customers to buy them. The average consumer is satisfied with 1970’s suspension technology -- which Dodge Ram lift kits only serve to perpetuate -- so that’s how the big manufacturers equip their trucks from the factory. Their market research has shown that people will buy their product anyway – so that’s how they sell it.

KORE is offering something of the highest quality that the factory won’t offer because people don’t know just how well their trucks can perform with it installed. It’s the same reason that people continue to buy aftermarket “twin-tube” and “gas-charged” shocks from the companies selling Dodge Ram lift kits.

The shocks that come with the Dodge Ram lift kits are hardly better than the OE shocks – and in some cases they are much worse. The OE shock is at least designed specifically for the intended vehicle. Many aftermarket Dodge lift kit companies expect one compression/rebound formula to perform when installed on hundreds of different vehicles that each have different weights, spring rates, shock mounting angles and driving requirements. Most people just don’t know what good suspension is, so they’re satisfied with the performance that is offered with cosmetic Dodge Ram lift kits.

You migKORE INC. Dodge Ram Suspension - No Dodge Lift Kitht ask whether a racing shock absorber just make your suspension stiffer. The answer is no. And this is the a very important question because it is a common misconception that in order to absorb big bumps, you must have stiff springs and lots of compression dampening. If we were making the suspension stiffer, then every little bump would be transmitted into the chassis.

The key is that racing suspension -- unlike Dodge Ram lift kits -- is progressive. It’s very soft and supple over small bumps. It allows the axles to move quickly and react to the little imperfections on the highway and off-road. The first time KORE customers drive their KORE trucks down a washboard dirt road, they can’t believe how smooth, quiet and plush the ride is. When a larger bump is encountered, especially something with a square edge, the suspension just tightens up – as if it knows ahead of time what to do. It’s really amazing the first time you experience a KORE Dodge Ram suspension system.

KORE Dodge Ram suspension is engineered to allow the truck to consistently and reliably attain unbelievable speeds over some of the roughest terrain on earth - way beyond where conventional Dodge Ram lift kits can go. KORE does most of its testing and R and D on the Baja Peninsula in Mexico where there are few laws and even fewer ways to be extracted if you break.

KORE takes performance to an unimagined realm – all while maintaining OE reliability. No suspension companies have ever done that before - and certainly not with Dodge Ram lift kits. That’s what KORE is proud of. Although KORE Dodge Ram suspension systems give an aggressive, modern look to your truck, KORE is not really selling aesthetics like with traditional Dodge Ram lift kits. KORE is selling performance. Period. KORE is not interested in anything else. And neither are the clients who purchase KORE suspension.

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If you have any questions about the benefits of KORE Dodge Ram suspension over a traditional Dodge lift kit, please drop us a note. We'll be happy to help you say goodbye to the earth-bound world of Dodge Ram lift kits...


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